About Us

Who we are?

Blue Oasis promotes values beyond organic and eco-friendly products. Our organic food products and health food brands touch the lives of people who respect the beauty of Mother Nature and believe in preserving the environment for future generations.

What we do?

Blue Oasis is an organic wholesaler and supplier which specialises in distribution of organic food and eco-friendly products. In order to ensure the integrity of our products, we only carry non artificial products that are organically produced, GMO free, vegan friendly and is not animal tested. Besides, we strongly believe in products that have added values such as fair trade, eco-friendly packaging, traditional/artisan produce and good marketing support by a team of fun and passionate people.

Our team are passionate in building a business and career that inspires love and respect for life. The products and brands are developed with our commitment to offer diversified portfolio which are managed with marketing strategies best suited for each and every brands. As one of the Asean’s fastest growing company in organic industry, we have successfully positioned our brand to be of superior quality and strong reputation. Currently, our products are available at Justlife™ and selected Organic stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Health stores, Baby shops, Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels throughout Malaysia.

What our people believe?

Our people believe in what we do. We always explore new possibilities with an optimistic mind. We believe in having fun in whatever we do and making the world a better place for future generations.

How we do?

Our corporate vision is built on the principles of protecting the environment; projecting true values as well as recognizing the strength and uniqueness of each product. In line with these principles, we seek for the best products which are made with pride and passion, whilst reaching out to the consumers who value true qualities.